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What the Queen’s Speech means for North East Cambridgeshire

Today, Queen Elizabeth II delivered her 65th Queen’s Speech in the House of Lords. Her Majesty outlined the Government’s programme for the coming period, which will have a positive impact here in North East Cambridgeshire. Here’s three key areas that will benefit our community:

1. Keeping our streets safe and tackling crime. The Government is introducing new legislation to; tackle violent crime, better protect victims of domestic abuse, and prevent foreign national offenders from re-entering the UK. This new legislation will ensure the worst offenders get the punishment they deserve, deported criminals are deterred from returning to Britain and victims can have full confidence in our justice system – ensuring people feel safe on our streets.

2. Boosting our NHS. The NHS is a big priority for this Government. As part of our plans to improve healthcare, the Mental Health Act will be updated to improve the care provided to those receiving treatment for mental health related illness. We’ll also support and strengthen the NHS by implementing the NHS’s long-term plan in England, which will see additional funding made available for hospitals serving our local area.

3. Getting Brexit done. Of course, the Government’s key focus is to get Brexit done. We’re putting forward a positive vision to benefit from the opportunities of Brexit, which includes; opening up access to innovative medicines, creating jobs here in North East Cambridgeshire and throughout the UK and seeking a new relationship with the EU, based on friendly co-operation and free trade.

This is a positive legislative agenda with huge benefits for our community in North East Cambridgeshire.


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