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Speeding up Innovation in the NHS

Innovators often find the NHS a slow and frustrating organisation when it comes to adopting their new products, beyond a small number of pilots, because whilst the National Health Service suggests one organisation, much of the procurement is still done on an individual hospital trust basis.

This means that an innovator often has to get their foot in the door of lots of different trusts even after they have proved the worth of their product to other parts of the NHS. It also often results in different prices being paid in different trusts resulting in money being wasted.

As a Health Minister with responsibility for finance and procurement, I am determined to change this so we spread innovation more quickly across the NHS. We are introducing a new system which will see more centralised procurement in a number of key areas. Where an innovative product is accepted, it will be badged as acceptable to the entire NHS. This will significantly speed up the deployment of innovative products benefitting patients and create greater efficiency for innovators.


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