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Constituency Positives to start 2019


I receive many letters and emails from my constituents who are experiencing problems; these are passed to my caseworkers to try to resolve, and I'd like to highlight just four issues that have recently achieved a successful outcome. 

  • Following a head injury, a local resident discovered their driving licence had been revoked and contacted us for assistance. We intervened and the driving licence was renewed.  

  • We received details from a resident whose winter fuel payments were recorded incorrectly by the DWP. The DWP were apologetic and the resident received all outstanding payments.  

  • Roof repairs on a Housing Association tenant’s home had not been completed; upon investigation by our team, it transpired that the builder had mistakenly missed the repair and it was resolved quickly after an inspection by senior officials from the building company. 

  • An elderly gentleman was seeking hospital assistance for his very sick and disabled wife. It was raining heavily and in his haste to keep her warm and dry, forgot to display her blue badge. He received a parking fine, lost his appeal and contacted us to ask for help.  We wrote to the parking company who have cancelled the charge and refunded the money. 


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