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Working to Ensure Wisbech Rail Plans Remain on Track

Having good transport links is key to improving infrastructure of an area and the reopening of Wisbech Rail would be a game changer for constituents living in the town.

  • Wisbech Rail will make it easier for residents to access higher salary jobs in Cambridge
  • Strengthen the business case for a late night train from Cambridge to March by increasing usage by approximately 30,000 residents
  • Improve local businesses ability to expandby connecting them with sites in other major cities
  • It will bring a boost to new housing and development opportunities
  • Make it easier for schools to recruit more teachers,especially since Fenland has been identified as an opportunity area

    Working alongside Mayor James Palmer and local councillors we have secured £3.25million funding for the next phase of work by the Combined Authority. A detailed engineering study including station location, signalling, timetable and other feasibility issues is now being undertaken and will conclude in August 2019.

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