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Wisbech and Doddington Hospitals

As part of my continued work to encourage health bosses to localise more NHS treatment in our community, I held a meeting last week with the Chief Executives of Addenbrookes, Roland Sinker, Chief Executive of the Cambridgeshire Clinical Commissioning Group Jan Thomas, and the NHS Senior Responsible Owner for Ageing Well Matthew Winn. We discussed how we localise more health treatment including the next steps for Doddington and North Cambs hospital sites where I am keen to see more transparency both on the services that can be moved here rather than being so heavily concentrated in large acute hospitals, and the workforce plans to offer better skills and training opportunities to people locally for health jobs. In my Treasury role as Chief Secretary, I am overseeing a very significant increase in health spending - with core NHS spending increasing by £33.9 billion next year compared to the start of the five year plan, and an additional £63 billion for Covid last year alone, alongside the recruitment of 50,000 extra nurses. It is important that health leaders are more transparent about how they are reforming services including through the better use of technology, so health treatment is better designed around the local needs of patients. I am pleased that all three health bosses agreed that more services could and should be localised, and look forward to working with them in the months ahead on this issue.

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